7 days left!

Just seven days left till the opening of the exhibition.

Next week is the week: on May 11, we are going to open the exhibition „Project Social Media“ of which „components“ is one section.

„We“ translates as eleven graduating students of the „Prager Fotoschule Österreich“. „Project Social Media“ is our graduating project, conceived by our project-leader Reinhard Reidinger, artist, graphic artist, photographer and lecturer at the „Prager Fotoschule Österreich“.

Reinhard Reidinger

Talking about photography and lighting, Reinhard Reidinger.
Photo: Catherine Avak 

Read his opinions on the topic:
social media: a topic just everywhere. 

tools for communication with the outside-world.
networking, information exchange and data-profiles.
meeting people one lost contact with.
my american friend discovers family-ties to his forefathers in vorarlberg, austria, three generations after his ancestors emigrated and a close friendship develops. connecting people who believe in a common goal in a larger context – would the revolutions in the islamic countries have been possible without social media? never in history did such possibilities exist. fantastic! ultimately, it was these impressions which made me choose the topic „social media“ as an exhibition-topic  for the students of our form 31. i am convinced that the means of communication and the internet in general will play a contributing, yet crucial role to world-peace. i believe, social media turns the world into a smaller place, makes people move closer to each other and can thus contribute to more understanding and justice.

of course, the original idea of private communication has by now developed into an economic factor. many oportunities, many points of danger, shadow and light.

„the quality of a community is defined by it´s members.“

Preface of the exhibition catalogue   ©Reinhard Reindinger

On 11 May we will open the exhibition at the gallery “Kunstverein Farbenklang” 
Kunstverein Farbenklang

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