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Simone Naumann Fotografie

Photo: Catherine Avak

Since 2009, I am working as a freelance photographer in Munich. I studied at the “Fotoacademie Amsterdam”, took courses and workshops, for instance with Prof. Harald Mante. At present, I am studying “Künstlerische Fotografie” at the “Prager Fotoschule Österreich”.

My workplace in the previous job could easily be called “Europe”. As a result, people important to me are living in Amsterdam, Oslo, Munich, Vienna, Tromsø, Edinburgh, Budapest, Prag, and in other corners of the world like Brasil and the United Arab Emirates.
Social media retains our social network.

Photographers are permanenty on the lookout for captivating stories, themes and scenes, in all cultures. My new network of creative people is an enormous asset to me and to my work.

These networks of wonderful and creative people are the foundation stones of my idea to create the social-media-project “components”.

I look forward to meeting you through “components”.
Simone Naumann, Photographer; January 2012

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