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“Components” will create a new picture from all photos received. This new picture will then become part of a exhibition. Every photo sent in, is greatly appreciated.

Taking part in “components” is easily done in three steps:

  1. SeAbout project componentsnd a portrait of yourself to  
  2. Chose your favourite quote
  3. If you have a website or social-media-presence you would like to promote:
    Send me a link of your profile or website
    That´s all!

In taking part you confirm that all the information you provide is correct, that you are the person in the photo and that no copyright infringements have been committed and that you agree to the publication of the image and text within the context of “components”.

Thank you very much for taking part.
Progress of “components” will be posted regularly on this blog.

10 Responses to Take part

  1. forgot my other website

  2. Interesting project I’m glad to take part

  3. Manuela Schmidt says:

    Hey Simone, mal sehen was da zusammen kommt. Ein spitzes Project.

  4. Das ist eine echt tolle Idee!

  5. Lana Jordain says:

    This project is amazing, good luck!

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