the idea

exhibition  Austria 2012

the first exhibition in Austria 2012
© Simone Naumann Fotografie

Digital images become components of a physical picture – via social media

With “components”, I am collecting portrait-photos of enthusiastic, creative people around the globe. All photos are welcome, from mobile-phone-shots to professional portraits. Through this blog you may follow who takes part, who joins and introduces himself or herself, and who comes from which country or continent.

In April 2012, all photos received till then were joined in a 4-m long wall-installation. This social media installation was presented for the first time in conjunction with the art-exhibition “Project Social Media 31” in Austria in the “Galerie Farbenklang”.
View impressions of the first exhibition

The project continues, the search for further exhibition venues is on.

Join “components”, let your digital image shape part of the picture in further exhibitions. Share “components” on your Facebook-profile, on Twitter, and send an interesting portrait:

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