Breakfast with Shari Mattox/ Frühstück mit Shari Mattox

Shari MattoxGrowing up in sunny  South Florida, living in Australia, photographer Shari Mattox loves capturing spectacular landscapes and fortunately shares her view of the world through the lens with us. Her pictures hold a very special beauty and show nature`s amazing ly rich colours. She also works in properties but a woman has to make a living.  Do not let her close to rhubarb , good morning Shari, thank you for having us!
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Breakfast with Lydia Matzka-Saboi / Frühstück mit Lydia Matzka-Saboi

Project Components - Lydia Matzka-SaboiLydia Matzka-Saboi lives in the wonderful city of Vienna. She writes a lot as a freelance journalist, has a great passion for photography and has visited many countries. At present, she is working for GLOBAL 2000 – the Austrian environmental protection organisation.

Lydia has been invited to our Components-breakfast by Nina Koel from Amsterdam. Both have know each other since childhood and are now living in different countries. Via Components, their paths have crossed again in the virtual world.

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Breakfast with Leska Schip / Frühstück mit Leska Schip

Leska SchipLeska Schip lives and works in Munich. She started working in the world of television when she was only 19 years young. Today she works as an editor for several TV formats. She supports her friends with film and art projects and thats how she found her way to components.
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Breakfast with Birgit Medele / Frühstück mit Birgit Medele

Birgit MedeleLondon is one of the very attractive cities of this world, and it is Birgit Medele’s home. She is an expert on personal development, clutter-clearing, organization on every level, thus the perfect mix for components 😉

Even the best project-idea does not transform itself into a finished product by itself. It requires a lot of motivation and organisational talent. “Being organised provides new energy”. Find out more about this principle, and not just this one, in her book “Clear your Clutter – Manifest your dreams!” (Leben statt kleben)
You are most welcome at the components breakfast table, Birgit.

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Breakfast with Nina Köll / Frühstück mit Nina Köll

Nina  KöllBorn and raised in the Tyrolean Alps in Austria, Nina Köll is now a lecturer in the department for Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam.
She is currently also working on her Ph.D. and is an advisor to the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.
Before (re)entering academia, she gained extensive work experience as a journalist, film and digital media curator, and in film production, in New York and Amsterdam.
After finishing her Ph.D. and before retiring (if ever), she will write at least one feature length screenplay.
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Breakfast with Angelika Bungert-Stüttgen / Frühstück mit Angelika Bungert-Stüttgen

Components - Freiraumfrau Angelika Bungert- Stüttgen alias Freiraumfrau creates space within people and rooms. She works utulizing her longstanding expertise in interior architecture as well as her creative talents. She has been living in Munich with her family for over 20 years

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Breakfast with Hans Heinrich Hase / Frühstück mit Hans Heinrich Hase

Components - Simone NaumannHans Friedrich Hase is a sucessful entrepreneur, interior designer, spring expert and chicken whisperer. He is only organizer of Easter since 1682. He lives in Munich with wife and numerous children.


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Breakfast with Melanie Haefner / Frühstück mit Melanie Haefner

Melanie Haefner - Copyright Claudia FesslMelanie grew up in the capital of the GDR. At an early age she took photographs with a „Practica“ and spent countless hours with her dad developing photographs in the „bathroom-darkroom“. After school she studied philosophy and joined a TV-station for a short while. At the start of the millenium, she moved to Vienna, started a dream-carer in a safari-park, studied at the BOKU Wien and picked up photography again. In 2010 she started a five-semester-course at the Prager Fotoschule Österreich. Apart from that she supports her partner in his „Bootsmanufaktur“. Recently, both moved to Berlin with their two dogs.

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Breakfast with Katharina Höhendinger / Frühstück mit Katharina Höhendinger

Katharina HöhendingerKatharina grew up in Rosenheim/Oberbayern. During her time at university she was a member of the young-author’s group “Der Salamander” and in 2008 her short-story “Kreuzfahrer” won third prize at the reading competion “on3-Lesereihe” of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. After finishing university, she lived in Istanbiul, Munich, Brighton, Xi’an and is now resident in London. Katharina is a member of the Munich authors’ group “Vom Boden unserer Kammern” and is a regular writer for the online literature magazin “Parsimonie”.
She was invited to “Breakfast with …” by Jon Gilbert Leavitt. We are delighted to meet the well-travelled Katharina at components. Good morning Katharina.
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Breakfast with Miranda Rumina / Frühstück mit Miranda Rumina

MirandaMiranda Rumina is a multimedia artist, who has been working in different media: painting, sculpture, video, installations, digital art, literature, photography and design since 1990. As an internationally established multimedia artist she has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and multimedia presentations in many countries. We are very happy to have her for breakfast. Good morning Miranda.
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