Nobody is perfect

I have to confess that my English is not the very best.

Despite this, I am writing this blog because „components“ and all participants are important to me and part of my heart and soul. I hope you are not too upset that the odd sentence here and there is not 100% perfect.

Through my work and on many short and longer trips, I have met many people of different cultures. Somehow, language was never a barrier, ways and means to understand each other were always found. Once connections can be established through interests, political opinions, social attitudes, ways of living or family situations, a common language is easily found.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all those kind helpers to „components“, assisting in texting and translating, my husband Horst, my daughters in law, Juliana and Maria, my friend and „word-smith“ Dagmar.

Kind regards, Simone

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