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Breakfast with Antonia Venturini / Früstück mit Antonia Venturini

Antonia comes from Cape Town in South Africa, a city most exotic for most of us Europeans. She is a photographer and also does fine art printing in a challenging society. That probably explains the choice of her quote for … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Eva Leopoldi / Frühstück mit Eva Leopoldi

Jürgen Heimlich from Vienna recommended Eva Leopoldi for the next interview, a request, we happily fulfill. We have met Eva Leopoldi, a freelance artist, through her project “12x anders” (12 times different). http://www.12malanders.com. Eva , originally from Ulm, has shown her … Continue reading

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AKIA – Unreal Exhibition

“Unreal Exhibition”  Everything is unreal. We live our very own reality. Seeing the world how it isn’t.  A virtual exhibition by Andrea Neumann and Alexander Mikula (Akia) open from Nov. 16th to Dec. 16th 2012 – only online: www.unreal-exhibition.at Opening … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Raluca Piteiu / Frühstück mit Raluca Piteiu

Raluca was born Mediasch, Transylvania. She calls herself a social-media junkie, and anyone exploring the web using the keyword “photography“ will be able to confirm her statement. Raluca can be found everywhere and knows a lot about social media. I got … Continue reading

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Kunstverein Farbenklang

 “Wir wissen nicht was ein Freidenker ist, wir haben es nur hingeschrieben, weil es gut klingt. Das Gegenteil von Freidenker wissen wir aber sehr genau. Es ist der Englenker, nicht zu verwechseln mit dem Engländer.” Kunstverein Farbenklang Austria v.l.n.r. Christian Mikolasch, Michael … Continue reading

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Carlo Bürgi

“Das Leben ist wie ein Fahrrad……….man muss sich bewegen um das Gleichgewicht nicht zu verlieren.”  (Quelle unbekannt) Carlo Bürgi Verges, Costa Brava/Spain www.cabulart.ch www.tocabarcelona.com

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Marinella Salvi

“An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have” Andy Wharhol Marinella Salvi Art lover Milano/Italy

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